Car Seat Safety Information

Colorado's Child Safety Law:

Age: Newborn - 1st birthday
Required Type: Rear-Facing Car Seat.
Regardless of Weight, children under 1 year old are required to be in a rear-facing seat and secured in the back seat of the vehicle.
Safety Advocates Recommendation: Restrain your infant in a rear facing seat as long as possible for the best protection in a crash. "Convertible" type car seats allow children to ride rear-facing until 30-45 pounds. 

Age: 1 - 3 years old
Required Type: Rear or Forward-Facing Car Seat.
A Child must be at least 20 pounds to sit in a forward facing seat. The seat that is used must be used correctly and follow the weight/height limits according to the manufactures instructions.
Safety Advocates Recommendation: Restrain you child in a "5-Point" harness system until they are at least 40 pounds or to upper weight limit of seat. Keep child in rear-facing as long as car seat allows (at least 2 years old). Use upper-tether strap where applicable. 

Age: 4 - 7 years old
Required Type: Forward-Facing Car Seat or Booster Seat:
Correct use of car seat or booster seat. Follow upper weight limit according to manufacturer's instructions.
Safety Advocates Recommendation: Regardless of age, restrain your child in a car seat or booster seat until they are about 57" (4' 9"). A child's height is the best predictor of proper seat belt fit. 

Age: 8 until 16th birthday
Required Type: Booster seat or Lap and Should Seat Belt:
Correct use of booster seat or seat belt. Follow upper weight limit of booster seat according to manu
Safety Advocates Recommendation: The child should be able to sit back against the seat back with knees bent naturally at the edge of the seat, the shoulder belt comfortably crossing the shoulder between the neck and arm, and the lap belt low on the hips, touching the thighs. Children under 13 should sit in the back seat only.

*Information from CDOT and Car Seat Colorado

Did you know: Correctly used child safety seat can reduce the risk of death by as much as 71%. To have your car seat checked by one of our Car Seat Technicians please fill out the Child Safety Seat Check Form. Please note that all car seat check requests must be made a week in advance.