Wellington Fire Corps

President: Ken Betchel Sr. 
Vice President: Sarah Rudisill 
Treasurer: Erika Pettit 
Secretary: Jenn Morris 

Wellington Fire Corps, previously the Wellington Fire Auxiliary is excited to announce that we are expanding our involvement in the Department to support the community of Wellington. 

The Fire Corps currently supports the firefighters in the Wellington and Waverly area by providing meals during extended calls and training sessions. The Fire Corps also conducts several fundraisers throughout the year and provides community outreach for WFPD. The largest fundraiser is the Annual Chili Supper that is held the first Saturday in December, following the Christmas Parade. The chili supper is supported by donations from local businesses and individuals. 

In the future, the Fire Corps will be looking to expand support to the fire department by providing rehabilitation during training's, logistics support and additional community outreach. 

The Fire Corps is open to any community members who are interested in becoming involved in supporting the firefighters of WFPD. If you are interested in joining the Fire Corps, please 970-568-3232. You can also send an email to wellingtonfirecorp@gmail.com.