1. What are the Recreation registration office hours?

 Answer: Office hours are Mon-Fri 1-5pm. Outside of those hours we suggest you call the office to make sure that someone is in the office to help you. The phone number for Wellington Recreation is 970.568.7410.

2. Can I register online? 

Answer: Yes. You can register online from the Recreation homepage on the Town website. Online registration is open 24/7 during registration periods. Please note that some activities have limited roster spots and are on a first come first serve basis. Registering online incurs a minimal convenience fee.

3. How do I find out if a game is cancelled? 

 Answer: You can call the game cancellation line 970.568.3284. Recreation Staff will make every effort to update Facebook as well as email coaches and registrants when games are cancelled.

4. What is your refund policy? 

 Answer: All refund requests need to be received by email. A 100% refund of registration fees will be given for requests received before games begin. Requests received after games have begun are not eligible for a refund (0%). A 100% refund of registration fees is given to adult teams that request a refund before schedules are posted online. No refund is given for teams requesting a refund after schedules have been posted online. If an activity or league is cancelled all registrants/teams receive a 100% refund of registration fees.

5. What programs do you offer for older kids? 

Answer: Most of our youth programs allow kids in 6th grade or lower to participate. We believe that kids should participate in sports offered through their schools. We offer U14 Boys and Girls Soccer through Fort Collins Soccer Club during the Spring and Fall seasons. During the summer we offer Youth Soccer for ages 10-15, Girls Slow Pitch Softball for Grades 3rd to 8th, and Youth Baseball for Grades 4th to 8th. Kids that are 14+ can participate in Adult Coed Volleyball and Lower Division Softball. Ages 16+ can participate in Adult Coed Volleyball as well as Lower and Open Division Adult Softball.

6. I really want to participate in adult sports but don’t have a team. What can I do? 

Answer: If you would like to participate in an adult sport but don’t have a team you can post your contact information on our Facebook page. We also suggest showing up to the first night of games to see if there is a team needing players. Often times, teams are scrambling to find players and could be looking to add players to their rosters.

7. Are adult and youth sports’ participants allowed to wear jewelry? 

Answer: No. For the safety of all our adult and youth sports’ participants jewelry of any sort is not allowed (except medical alert bracelets). Taping of earrings, watches, rings, etc. is not allowed. Officials have been instructed to check for jewelry. If a player is asked to remove jewelry games will be stopped until jewelry is removed.

8. Why does youth soccer play small-sided soccer for younger kids? 

 Answer: Youth Soccer is played small-sided for multiple reasons. First and foremost, kids want to play and be part of the game. Larger fields mean more players and less touches by each player. Research and statistics show that the more a participant touches the ball the better player they become. Small-sided soccer also allows kids to learn the basic skills of the game (dribbling, passing, shooting, trapping) while not having to worry about off-sides and positions which can be confusing for younger players.

9. Why are scores not kept for all youth sports? 

 Answer: We believe that our youth participants should be focusing on developing skills, sportsmanship, being a good teammate, building social skills, and learning to love the sport they are playing. Once scores are involved the focus becomes more about winning and losing versus becoming better players, being a good sportsman and teammate. Scores are kept for all 8-year old and older sports although no standings are posted.

10. Why don’t you hold roster drills? 

Answer: In order to receive accurate player data all registrants should attend roster drills. Historically, only 55-60% of registrants participate in roster drills. As a result of unbalanced teams, despite holding roster drills, we no longer hold drills for any youth sports program.

11. Can I make a request to be on a certain team? 

 Answer: Yes. Roster requests will only be considered for those that request it during regular registration periods. If multiple requests would provide for unbalanced teams due to age they may not be considered. Roster requests are never guaranteed though we do our best to honor requests. Siblings and other family members will be assigned to the same team. Indicating “car pooling” as a reason for roster requests will not be considered.

12. Why do you limit team roster sizes? 

 Answer: Kids register in sports to play not to sit on the bench and/or sidelines. By limiting roster sizes it maximizes the amount of playing time that kids receive.

13. We registered but have not heard from a coach. What do we do? 

 Answer: Our volunteer coaches must complete coach certification, paperwork, and concussion awareness training before they are given access to their team rosters. Most of our volunteer coaches have busy lives and sometimes it takes them a while to complete everything. Usually coaches will contact their teams within a week after coach meetings. If a coach has not been in contact after that week call the Recreation Office (970.568.7410) so that we can get you contact information for your coach.

14. Can I request a specific date/time for my child to practice? 

 Answer: All of our coaches are volunteers that have busy lives, families, and work. Our policies allow for coaches to choose the time and place that best fits their schedule to hold practices. We suggest trying to work something out with coaches if their chosen time and place do not work with your schedule. After practices have begun players will not be switched to other teams if a player is unable to make their coach’s chosen time and place for practices.

15. What is the uniform for youth sports? 

 Answer: For all our youth sports (Fort Collins Baseball Club leagues excluded) a blue/white reversible jersey is required by all participants. Jerseys can be picked up and purchased at the Recreation Office (8700 Third Street) during registration hours for $20. Also available for purchase are shorts ($10) and socks ($5). Uniform pickup outside of business hours by appointment only. Usually we allow a grace period for the first week of games but a participant is required to wear a blue/white reversible jersey by the second week of games. Those that don’t will not be allowed to participate in games until they have a jersey.

16. I purchased a jersey/uniform online. Where do I pick it up? 

 Answer: If you purchased a jersey/uniform online you may pick it up (with presentation of receipt) at the Recreation Office (8700 Third Street) during registration hours. Uniform pickup outside of registration hours are by appointment only.

17. I would like to coach a youth sport. What do I need to do? 

 Answer: If you would like to coach a youth sport you can either indicate “Yes” when registering online or let Recreation Staff know if registering in the office. For those that don’t have kids registered in our programs but would like to coach can call (970.568.7410) or email our office. All coaches must complete paperwork (including a background check authorization form), coach certification for the sport they are coaching, and concussion awareness training. Attending coach meetings is required for all coaches so that expectations and information may be provided to coaches. It is also a great time to answer any questions that coaches might have as well as meet others coaching the same activity. Coaches that fulfill their coaching commitment and return equipment bags will receive a $20 “coach credit” that can be applied to any future registration.

18. Why do I receive so many emails asking for coaches for every youth activity? 

 Answer: In order to allow all registrants to participate in the program they have registered for, a certain number of coaches are required to “run” the league. If those coaching needs are not met we have difficult choices to make about refunding some or all registrants for a particular activity. We want to avoid this at all costs so we send multiple emails attempting to get parents that might be on the fence about coaching to finally step up and coach.

19. If I register multiple kids do, I receive a discount? 

 Answer: No. We don’t offer multiple registrant discounts in order to keep our registration fees as low as possible.

20. If I coach can my kid(s) participate for free? 

 Answer: No. As per our policies all coaches that fulfill their coaching commitment will receive a $20 “coach credit” at the end of the season that can be applied to any future registration.

21. Why is there a $5 fee for late registration? 

 Answer: Often late registration occurs outside of regular business hours and keeps Staff here at later hours in order to accommodate those registering late.

22. I am having trouble registering online. I am being told that my child is in the wrong grade. How can I correct this so I can register? 

 Answer: Call the Recreation Office (970.568.7410) if you are having trouble registering online due to a participant being in the wrong grade so that we can update the profile. Do not create another profile for the participant as that will not resolve the issue. Those that register online after the last day of “walk-in” registration may be placed on a wait list.

23. Why aren’t the age divisions closer for youth basketball and volleyball? 

 Answer: Due to limited gym space we receive from Poudre School District (PSD) we need to combine a larger range of grades in order to accommodate all registrants and make the most efficient use of the gym space we do have. During some registration periods a lower number of kids will register for an activity while another age division has greater registration numbers. Rather than refund the age division with lower registration we combine several age divisions together so that all registrants may participate in the activity.

24. Why do youth basketball and volleyball practices end so late at night? 

 Answer: All of our gym space is acquired from Poudre School District (PSD) and we are somewhat at their mercy for what gym space we are given. Some seasons we don’t receive ideal gym space and must schedule practice times around the gym space we do have. Unfortunately, sometimes due to limited gym space and staffing, practices can end around 9pm.

25. What are the batting cages’ hours of operation? 

 Answer: Spring hours of operation are Mon-Thu 4:30-8pm and closed weekends. Summer hours of operation are Mon-Fri 3-8pm and Sat 12-5pm. Fall hours of operation are Tue-Fri 5-8:30pm. The exact date the cages open each year varies and can often depend upon current weather patterns. The batting cages close for the season in early October.

26. Can I use my own bat while batting at the cages? 

 Answer: Yes. Customers can use their own bats but are warned by Recreation Staff that the batting cage balls can damage bats. The Town will not be held accountable for damages to personal bats as a result of using the batting cages. It is recommended that all customers use one of the bats provided by Wellington Recreation.

27. Why do I have to wear a helmet at the batting cages? 

 Answer: For reasons of safety all batting cage customers are required to wear a batting helmet with a face mask which are provided by Wellington Recreation. There are no exceptions to this policy. Personal helmets with face masks may be worn.

28. What are the criteria for cancelling youth games? 

 Answer: Wellington Recreation has adopted Poudre School District (PSD) protocols for cancelling youth games. If safety is a concern for kids playing outside, Recreation Staff will use their best judgment on whether to cancel games. Games/practices in the school gyms during the week will also be cancelled if there is no school on that date (including school closures for inclement weather). Only Recreation Staff are authorized to cancel games. As per our policies cancelled games are not guaranteed to be re-scheduled.

29. Will cancelled youth games be re-scheduled? 

 Answer: As per our policies cancelled games are not guaranteed to be re-scheduled. If multiple weeks of games are cancelled the Recreation Department will make every effort to re-schedule some games.

30. Are rules manuals available online? 

 Answer: Yes, rules manuals for all adult and youth sports can be downloaded from the Recreation homepage on the Town website.

31. How much does it cost to use the batting cages? 

Answer: A single token is $1.75 for 15 pitches. Six (6) tokens are $10. Stations are also available for rent ($25 per half hour).

32. Will cancelled adult softball games be re-scheduled? 

 Answer: Ten (10) games are guaranteed with at least twelve (12) games scheduled. If a team will not play at least ten (10) games due to game cancellations, games will be re-scheduled for that team to play ten (10) games.

33. Why are school gymnasiums not open earlier for games and practices? 

 Answer: All of our gym space is acquired through Poudre School District (PSD) administration. We “rent” whatever gym space is still available after all scheduled school-related activities have ended. Sometimes this does not allow for ideal gym space and times. We schedule our programs around what gym space is given to us.

34. Can coaches and/or parents cancel games? 

Answer: No, only Recreation Staff has authorization to cancel games. It is our expectation that all coaches show up ready to coach their teams unless games have been officially cancelled.

35. Why are outside school doors locked during scheduled Wellington Recreation events? 

Answer: In response to all the national school shootings Poudre School District (PSD) has adopted stricter policies with regards to school access and safety. This is for the safety of all students, staff, and others that use the schools for activities. These policies do not allow school staff to keep outside doors unlocked even with scheduled after school events.

36. Why should I fill out end of season evaluations? It doesn’t seem like the Recreation Department makes any changes. 

 Answer: Recreation Staff reads each and every evaluation that is filled out. We then take note of suggestions for changes and discuss whether or not a suggested change is in the best interest of the program(s). For example, making changes based on one or two evaluations out of fifty (50) is not ideal.

37. Is there a platform where I can give feedback about Recreation programs? 

Answer: Yes. Each year the Recreation Department schedules public forums for adult and youth programs. These forums offer a chance for the public to come voice their concerns, ideas, and thoughts with regards to Recreation programming. Feedback obtained during these forums is heavily considered when changes or modifications are made to Recreation programs.