Comprehensive Plan & Land Use Code Update

The Town is updating its Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Code to identify and articulate the community vision and objectives that will set the road map for the Town’s growth from now into 2040.​ For more information on this process and timeline, see the bottom of this page.

Get involved!

​Listening to and responding to you, the Town's residents, is key to enhancing this planning effort. For this reason, as illustrated on the project timeline further below, there will be many opportunities for you to get involved. You are invited to participate in this process to help shape the future of the Town. Your involvement means that the Town's policies and programs are shaped 'by you' and 'for you'.


Online questionnaire #1: Wellington Values & Vision

Click here to take a 7-minute questionnaire to help identify and articulate a shared community vision as well as the objectives that will set the road map for the Town’s growth.

Quick Polls

Short on time? Take one or all of our quick polls. During May/June, we'll be releasing a series of 'truly' quick polls every week on the Town's Facebook page. Expect to complete each of these in under 1 minute.

  • Poll #1 (here): What do you value most about Wellington and why? 
  • Poll #2 (here): What areas can the Town work on to improve your quality of life in Wellington?
  • Poll #3 (here): In 2040 I want Wellington to be... 
  • Poll #4 (here): What small change can have a big impact on your neighborhood?

More to come

To stay informed about project updates and other community involvement opportunities, visit this page often and/or follow us on Facebook @WellingtonCo1905

Understanding the Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Code Update process

This planning process will start with a Comprehensive Plan (the Plan) looking at all facets of the community, including but not limited to: managing growth; land use and development patterns; major infrastructure and facilities planning; attraction of commercial development (including development and redevelopment downtown); resource allocation (including looking at recommendations to maximize water supply); transportation; park and open space management; and regional coordination.

​​The Land Use Code will serve as the regulatory tool to implement the principles and policies identified in the Comprehensive Plan. Once finalized, the two components of this planning effort will enable the Town’s governing bodies in their decision-making, to move policy and development forward in a purposeful and productive way.​

Project Timeline