Citizen Initiative 

The November 2, 2021 election will give the voters of Wellington the opportunity to vote on two items related to marijuana. One relates to the sale of retail and medical marijuana in Wellington and the other is related to a retail marijuana sales tax.  Information related to both items is linked below. 

Ballot Title and Submission Clause

Resolution 10-2021 - A Resolution Referring a Ballot Question Related to Retail and Medical Marijuana Sales

Full Text of Retail and Medical Marijuana Sales 

Resolution 38-2020 - A Resolution Referring an Initiated Ordinance Concerning Retail Marijuana Sales Tax

Full Text of Retail Marijuana Sales Tax

Municipal Elections

Regular municipal elections for the Town of Wellington are held in April of even-numbered years.  All municipal elections are non-partisan.

Voter Information

To register to vote or to manage your voter registration please visit the Colorado Secretary of State website.