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 As a resident in Wellington, you have access to apply for your Building Permit Applications online through Community Core, a web-based software. We encourage residents to utilize the software to apply for permits, pay fees, and schedule inspections. If you need any assistance or have questions please reach out to us at 970-568-3554, we are available to help. 

Hard copy, paper Building Permit Applications are not required to be uploaded into your online submittals.

Benefits of Permitting

Getting the proper permits for home improvements projects is not only required but provides multiple benefits for you as the homeowners. 

Your home is typically your largest investment.  Protect your property value, ensure a safe environment for current and future tenants under the minimum building code standards adopted, and prevent costly repairs or fines subject to work being completed without a building permit. The Building Permit Resources below is a great place to start when determining what type of permit you might need. 


Climatic & Geographic Design Criteria

Local Design Criteria 

The Town of Wellington has adopted the 2018 International Residential Code with local amendments. All items below are reflected and noted in the adoption.

Updated Table R301.2 (1)  Opens in new windowClick table for printable PDF File 

Building Permit Resources and Information

Prior to applying for your Building Permit, please review the SAFEbuilt Building Guide Packets and Town of Wellington Project Checklist to check for minimum requirements and information that may be required for your project. Explore the TABS below to download Building Guides and Project Checklist starting your permit application.

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Helpful Handouts

  1. Permits with Plan Review
  2. One Stop Permits
  3. Zoning Permit

Permits - With Plan Review (If Applicable) 

Residential Addition /Remodel

SAFEbuilt Building Guide Residential Addition 2018 Click Here for Document 
Wellington Project Checklist Addition Click Here for Document 

Residential Alteration 

SAFEBuilt Building Guide 2019Click Here for Document 
Wellington Project Checklist PV System Click Here for Document 

Accessory Structure

SAFEbuilt Building Guide Accessory Structure 2018 Click Here for Document
Wellington Project Checklist Accessory Structures 

Basement Finish 

SAFEbuilt Building Guide Basement Finish 2018Click Here for Document
Wellington Project Checklist Basement Finish Click Here for Document 


SAFEbuilt Building Guide Uncovered Decks & Porches  Click Here for Document
Wellington Project Checklist Uncovered Deck & Porches Click Here for Document 

Pergola, Patio Cover

SAFEbuilt Building Guide Patio Covers & Carports 2018 Click Here for Document
Wellington Project Checklist Patio Covers, Pavilions Click Here for Document 

Pole Barns

SAFEbuilt Building Guide Pole Barn 2018  Click Here for Document
Wellington Project Checklist Pole Barn Click Here for Document 


Wellington Project Checklist Sheds 120sqft or More Click Here for Document 

Generator / Gas Line /Fire Pit / Fireplace

SAFEbuilt Gas Line Inspection Form Click Here for Document 
Gas Line / One Line Example Drawing Click Here for Document 

Online Permitting

Community Core/ Connect

Community Core is the third-party software the Town of Wellington utilizes for permitting online. As a resident in Wellington, you have access to register to utilize the software to apply for your Building Permits for free. Through the online software SAFEbuilt, Wellingtons Building Department partner will conduct plan review, issue permits and schedule inspections for your projects.

The Town requires all Contractors and Sub-contractors working in the Town of Wellington to hold current Contractor Licenses prior to applying for Building Permits. 

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