For a full list of our current programs or to register, click here. Registration can be done online or at the Recreation Office (8700 Third Street). Registration periods end at midnight for online customers and 5 p.m. for walk in customers. Registration fees will not be refunded after end of registration period. All late walk in registrations may be subject to a $5 late fee, per individual, in addition to all registration fees.

  1. Adult
  2. Youth
  3. Start Smart
Activity (Season)CostDays Played
Coed Softball (Summer)$460- Wednesday Lower (Age 14+)
- Thursday Open (Age 16+)
- Friday Open (Age 16+)
Coed Softball (Spring or Fall)$460 - Wednesday Lower (Age 14+)
- Thursday Open (Age 16+)
Coed Volleyball (Fall or Winter)$310- Friday Open (Age 14+)
Coed Kickball (Spring)$250- Friday Open (Age 14+)
 No exceptions on age requirements for any adult activities.

Adult Game Schedules

For adult sports, game schedules are posted online after the managers meeting which is usually held one week prior to the first game. Teams that do not have a representative present at a managers meeting will forfeit all scheduled games on the first date they were scheduled. Make sure your team is registered for the appropriate league and skill level. Recreation Staff and Officials will closely monitor games and teams may be required to change leagues. Please note that there are no refunds given after conclusion of registration period.


Registration for adult sports activities is done on a team basis, not as individuals. Click here to see our catalog of activities. For adult softball we offer a 10% discount for those that register online during specified dates (see activity description for dates). If you are interested in playing but don't know anyone running a team, post your interest on our Facebook page.

New Activities

If there is something you would like offered, email the Recreation Department with your request. If there is enough demand we will look at adding activities.