Strategic Plan

The Town of Wellington 2021-2022 Strategic Plan outlines the vision, mission and priorities for the year as established by the Board of Trustees. 



Strategic planning is the process by which a Town determines what it intends to achieve in the future and how it will get there. This process involves developing a vision for the Town’s future and determining the necessary goals, priorities, and action steps to achieve that vision. 

A strategic plan serves as the community's roadmap and it is used to prioritize initiatives, goals, projects, resources, and department operations. The strategic plan is a big-picture document directing efforts and resources toward a clearly defined vision. Town staff will be responsible for prioritizing and planning specific projects and operations based on the overall goals and themes specified by the Strategic Plan.

Mission Statement

We provide outstanding municipal services to enhance the quality of life and provide opportunities for our community of today and tomorrow.

Vision Statement 

Wellington is one of the best small towns in America, recognized as a great place to raise a family, own a unique business, and create memorable experiences through community activities

Sustainable Infrastructure

Goal 1 Ensure adequate current and future water resources, treatment and delivery 
Goal 2 Develop long term funding strategies 
Goal 3 Plan and develop purposeful facilities 
Goal 4 Enhance and explore partnerships
Goal 5 Create opportunities for transportation and stormwater management improvement

Intentional Growth and Development

Goal 1 Balanced and resilient revenues 
Goal 2 Identify, attract and retain commercial  development and businesses 
Goal 3 Comprehensive Plan – alignment and execution

Organizational Strength

Goal 1 Provide regular training programs for all employees and develop cross-training plans
Goal 2  Update Personnel Policy Goal 
Goal 3 Review Employee Compensation and Benefits
Goal 4 Create smooth, efficient employee on/off-boarding processes

Community Engagement

Goal 1 Build awareness about the Town of Wellington services and programs
Goal 2 Improve access to local government
Goal 3 Develop communications strategy for Town’s Water Conservation Plan